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Dear Member,

The South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius serves as the collective voice of South African investment into Mauritius by our members, partners, and affiliates. Our goal is to promote and facilitate investment, trade, and other business exchanges for the mutual benefit of South Africa, Mauritius, and the people thereof. We are an open chamber, we embrace diversity and welcome members from Mauritius, South Africa or any other countries who resonate with the ethos of the chamber and will benefit from the Chamber’s goals. Our goals are established on the foundation values of ethical sustainable development of our people and the planet that allows us to live.

Successful businesses today thrive on access to key information, strong business networks and the ability to adapt effectively to rapidly changing circumstances. We aim to support our members in achieving this.

Our goals:

  • Organize events for our members to meet and discuss issues pertinent to their interests in Mauritius and South Africa,
  • Collectively represent key issues for our members before the government and other relevant authorities,
  • Promote and recognize the valuable contribution of our members to the economy,
  • Advocate for the best interests of Mauritius and South Africa as an investment opportunity and trading partner,
  • Actively monitor legislation and policies that affect our members in Mauritius and provide commentary and guidance to authorities on behalf of our members,
  • Provide information on important business issues to enhance our members decision making,
  • Provide networking opportunities for our members with members of our own chamber, other chambers, as well with key Mauritius decision makers and leaders of industry and government.
  • Promote the role of Mauritius as a regional hub and the destination of choice for the establishment of investment opportunities into the African continent
  • Promote, encourage, and facilitate trade, services and investment between South Africa and Mauritius and vice versa
  • Promote and facilitate the integration of businesses owned/managed by South Africans in Mauritius with the wider Mauritian business community

Through the support of our Patrons, Event Sponsors and Strategic Partners, the Chamber hosts regular business presentations and social events. Our members also benefit from special discounts offered by our Affinity Partners.

I look forward to serving all members of the Chamber and to hearing any ideas you may have to improve what the Chamber offers you. We all have a common goal to make Mauritius an attractive country to do business in together.

Yours Sincerely,


The Chamber's Constitution
Click below to download the Chamber's Constitution and the Certificate of Registration.

Meet the Board of Directors

Bilal Adam
CEO, Stewards Investment Capital
Shawn Thompson
Vice President
Director, The Business Zone
Mike Gray
Vice Treasurer
Managing Director, The CFO Center
Parveen Mactoom
Manager, Sabre Indian Ocean Islands & Mozambique
Richard Robinson
Founder Member
Managing Director, AssetHouse Ltd and International Assurance Limited PCC
John McIlraith
Founder Member
Chairman, Inter-Ocean Holdings Limited
Gert Boshoff
Board Member
Chief Investment Officer, YesGrowth Ltd
Sin C Li
Board Member
Senior Partner, Bakertilly
Kim Setzkorn
Board Member
Director, Geneva Management Group


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