YU Lounge

YU Lounge offers the ultimate luxury for discerning travelers upon departure and arrival – A VIP service for those travelling on the world’s premium commercial airlines or their private jets.

YU Lounge provides the following advantages to our members:
  • Passenger presence at the YU Lounge is required only 1.5h before departure of flight; you won’t need to queue up.
  • Immigration, check-in, passport assistance and luggage handling are provided while you are being taken care of by the concierge in a serene environment.
  • Transfer from Main Terminal to YU Lounge, vice versa for Arrival, in Luxury cars while the concierge is taking care of your luggage.
  • Possibility of meeting your business partners, directors upon arrival or departure with conference room facilities.
  • For your peace of mind, leave your vehicle under 24/7 CCTV Camera Surveillance in our valet parking for 1 week free of charge(If required).
  • For your comfort, you can use our shower facilities with organic Forest Essentials amenities.
  • Smoking Facility .
  • VAT Refund process.
  • Duty-free service + Duty-Free shop at YU Lounge.

Partnering with the chamber, YU Lounge proposes unique discounts available ONLY to our members.

For more information, please contact Priya Tatteea: priya.tatteea@yulounge.com