AfrAsia & SA Chamber of Commerce host futurist expert, Anton Musgrave for thought-provoking experience

Article from our partner, Platform Africa, on the event “2029 Megatrends for Business Leaders – by Anton Musgrave“.

AfrAsia Capital Management and South Africa Chamber of Commerce welcomed around 200 professionals and clients to a conference by futurist and strategist Anton Musgrave on March 7 at the Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebene. With the aim to guide businesses and entrepreneurs on strategic thinking, disruptive innovation and future exponential growth imperatives, the acclaimed speaker provided many insights on the mind-set of the great innovators of our time and how they capitalised on opportunities to drive sustainable growth with much relevance in a rapidly changing world.

Being also a businessman and entrepreneur, Anton is the Senior Partner of Future World International. With his insightful understanding of a wide range of industries, including property, law, financial services, resources, FMCG, logistics and energy, Anton has built an enormous following in many industries and around the world based on his ability to develop accurate visions of the future and describe the opportunities ahead.

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