SACCM hosts arbitration and risk mitigation discussion

Article from our partner, Platform Africa, on the event “Arbitration in Mauritius and South African Foreign Direct Investment“.

South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mauritius (SACCM) in collaboration with the MARC (Mauritius Chamber of Commerce & Industry Arbitration and Mediation Center) and Peeroo Chambers hosted a breakfast session on the position of Mauritius as an arbitration hub and South African Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) pertaining to arbitration.

The event was marked by the presence of dispute resolution practitioner based in South Africa and court member of MARC Roger Wakefield as the Chief Guest. On the outset he observed that from the South African standpoint, the local jurisdiction is deemed to be very attractive where FDI flow to Mauritius amounted to Rs 1.9 billion in 2016 and total trade value was centered at Rs 18 billion, thus showcasing the amount of private wealth flowing on the island.

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